There’s no present like your time

December 11, 2019

As we stand on the brink of the silly season, usually marked by shopping, shouting, shenanigans and sweating (normally the cold kind when you realise on Christmas Eve that you haven’t got the love-of-your-life a gift yet), I’d like to take a minute to remind us of a little something.

There is no present like your time. No now. Not ever. This is something that’s been pressing on my heart a lot lately. And something I am determined to work at.

I am so busy running around – working, writing, thinking, carting, worrying, sorting, solving – that at times I forget to look the ones that matter the most to me in the eye. To really sit with them, not just for a minute or two, but to be with them, fully. No agenda. No place to be. Just looking into their eyes, seeing a little smile creeping across a mischievous face or a giggle bubbling up. Enjoying an unexpected cuddle, a story book or a roll around on the grass. Putting away the phone and the distractions and holding his hand instead and looking into the summer night sky together. Believing the love that’s there in his eyes and not what the world is telling me. Not being as available to the masses, so that I can be available to the ones that matter.

Trust me, I often don’t get this right. Life is busy and life is tough. But I am convinced that this is the way life should be lived, even in the chaos.

So please, this season, don’t be silly. Don’t go out and buy oodles of goodies for the ones you love. Spoil them, yes. Make them feel special, yes. Give them your time and yourself… Completely. And as often as you can.

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  • Reply Lionel Edworthy December 12, 2019 at 9:57 am

    Sarah as always a beautifully
    written message,straight from the heart. xxx

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