Fit Mama

May 30, 2018

Last year, hubby and I embarked on a gym and eating programme – pretty intense weight training, cardio and targeted nutrition. Although I’ve done exercise programmes and diets of all shapes and sizes, this was definitely a step up. Wandering into the male-dominated territory of the weight section in the gym was quite daunting…

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Everyday Musings of a Mom

October 9, 2017

I’ve realised that being a mom comes with a certain set of challenges and a skills set no university professor could ever teach you. It’s just something you have to learn as you stumble along the beautiful road from being an untethered young adult, to being a parent pinned down by two little cubs at every turn. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But it does make for great blog material and will hopefully add a smile to your dial.

Please enjoy my musings…

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The Journey

September 12, 2017

This little story was inspired by a vintage suitcase we had in our home growing up. I’ve always been fascinated by objects like this, filled to the brim with immense history and stories… How many hands had it been passed from and to? Where had it been and why? What had it seen and overheard? How did it land up here?

Take a read and enjoy. Maybe it will inspire you to pick an object with an interesting history and write your own story around it?

The Journey

The sweet smell of old leather fills the air. It’s so familiar, so comforting.

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A Creative Conundrum

August 30, 2017

So it seems that I’ve come across a bit of a creative conundrum… Creativity needs two things – time and space. Come again? Well, creativity needs time – you need to constantly plug at it, practice it and put it into play. And creativity needs space – it needs a place to breathe and grow and develop. “Time” demands that you get your hands in there. “Space” needs you to take them off and let go.

So therein lies my creative dilemma…

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Acapella Bella

Winter gives way to Spring

August 16, 2017

Winter doesn’t last forever. And that is the beauty of the changing seasons. Winter gives way to Spring, eventually. If you’re going through a tough time, try hold onto that truth.

This song reminds me of Spring and all it’s pretty pink-blossom beauty. Directly translated as “My life in pink,” or more figuratively as “My life through rosy-coloured glasses,” it’s perfectly apt for a post about new beginnings and new life.

Our Winter was hard, but those fragile little buds blossoming on the trees defy its power. Because Winter must always give in and give way to Spring.


Photograph by Norman Hanna


The lighter side of winter

August 1, 2017

Even winter has a lighter side. I’m certain that God gave us humour to help us through the tough times. We can find funny in almost anything, even if it is under a landslide of pain. In fact, we seem to be designed to look for the funny, even if it comes out as awkwardly ironic or hugely sarcastic.

So here’s a little funny from our winter season…

Musings from a hospital bed

Part 3

Order of  horrific events:

  1. Major car accident
  2. Using a bed pan
  3. Having someone walk in on you while using a bed pan

No wait, I think it should read…

Order of  horrific events:

  1. Having someone walk in on you while using a bed pan
  2. Major car accident

Photograph Designed by Freepik


Winter brings perspective

July 19, 2017

Our Winter experience certainly brought perspective to our lives and made me reassess a whole lot. Here’s the next installment of…

Musings from a hospital bed

Part 2

Grumbling. Ooo, that awful attitude. We all know it and we all know the havoc it can wreak. Why is everything so easy for everyone else? Why can’t I get a break? Why do my babies have to have all these challenges? Why does no one see everything I do? Why am I so tall/small/straight-haired/freckly? When we come across a situation we disapprove of, it’s like the strong-willed child inside of us rises up and demands their way. And it ain’t pretty!

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Our Winter

July 8, 2017

So it would seem that most of my posts to date have been around either, finding your creativity in the chaos, your serenity in a situation or your hope when you’re in a heap… I’d like to think of it all as the season of winter.

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Winter is beautiful too

July 2, 2017

You’re in this season for a reason…

For whatever reason, when we’re pinned down and told to stay put, we want to do the exact opposite. Throw our hands up to the sky, make a noise, kick against the system and fight with a revolutionary’s heart.

I am no exception. If I don’t happen to like a situation I find myself in, I try to push, squirm and work my way out of it, with varying degrees of success… And usually a lot of tears.

But it occurred to me one day, that maybe I shouldn’t be fighting, struggling, “grrrring” at the lot I’ve been handed. Maybe I shouldn’t be charging into battle with the rage of a thousand armies and the noise of a thousand drums.

Maybe I should just accept where I’m at. No, not just accept it… Embrace it. Say what?? That’s right, I said, embrace it.

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