Sarah-Kate at a glance…

“I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” ― Mother Teresa

I love stories. I love sharing stories, listening to stories and crafting stories, because stories are at the very core of what it means to be human. Share a story = Share your heart, your experience, your views, your hopes. We all have stories to tell and this, I believe, is what creativity is all about. It’s about telling your unique story in your unique way. Yes, I am a storyteller at heart and I love to tell my tales using the palette of all-things-creative.

I love singing at the top of my lungs, penning lyrics and music, blue skies and sunshine. I’m passionate about being compassionate. I believe that a good cup of tea is the recipe for a happy soul. My 3 boys are my world and the world itself is the very love letter of God to us. This is my story… What’s yours?