Imagine Aloud – Let’s Begin

June 22, 2017

I must be mad! I’m a happy wife and the mom of two little boys, a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, and I’ve decided now’s the time to challenge myself. Now’s the time to throw a spanner in the works, when there’s, well, no time at all. In between nappy changes, packing lunches, hanging washing, coos and cuddles and building puzzles, in between grocery shopping, work, school runs, trips back and forth to doctors, crying and fussing and stumbling along the road to our new normal (all mixed with the ever-fun variable called “sleepless nights”), I’ve decided I’d like to start a blog…  And not just any blog, a blog that requires immediate and constant attention, like a hungry baby. Like I said, I must be mad!

So why’s this baby-blog so demanding? See, I’m a creative – a writer at heart and a singer in my soul and I love all things that help us in our human condition to imagine again, to find wonder again. But being a busy wife and mommy, I’m finding very little time to be creative at all. Often my days resemble a washing machine spin cycle – frenzied and relentless. By the time I’ve flopped on the couch at the end of the day, I’m spent. Nothing left to say and no thinking space left to dream up new possibilities.

And I’m not the only one.

I’m sure there are all sorts of creative people who find themselves in the same situation… Moonlighter hopefuls who try desperately to put their creativity to task at the end of long, full days, but rarely ever get there.

And so, they give up.

What’s the point of putting your energy into something that’s never going to materialise into anything anyway?

Why bother when life is going to run away with you no matter how hard you try fight against it?

But isn’t that the point? To fight against it? I’ve come to realise that creativity thrives in the path of most resistance; the very place where there’s no other way out. And so I made a decision…

Right now…
Exactly where I’m at…
With exactly what I see and hear around me and feel within me…
When I think there is no hope, time, energy or resources to do anything my creative heart is crying out for…
NOW, is the perfect moment to find my inspiration and set my creativity ablaze.

After all, is not life our inspiration? Are not our current struggles and joys, our muse? When I stop clutching for the world out there, take a step back and look at my husband and the two little boys in my care, I find more depth, imagination, pure “wild-at-heartness”, perspective, challenge and wonder than all the innovative minds the world over could conjure up. Right at my fingertips, actually cradled in my hands, is my ultimate inspiration. And besides, when I take note of my life, there’s always plenty of comedy and drama (often at the same time when you have a two little kiddies!).

But beyond using my life as my source of reflection, I want to show my boys that you can follow your heart wherever you’re at in life. That you can find joy and inspiration in all things. That you don’t ever have to give up on your dreams. That’s the gift I want to give my children… And maybe you – a “I-don’t-know-if-I-can-cut-it-or-will-ever-have-the-time” creative.

So why’s this blog so “hangry” you ask again? (Sorry, I’m getting there… There’s always an interruption when you’re a mom). Well, this little fellow is going to be as demanding as a 2-year-old trying to unwrap a sweet because I’m setting it up as a “One-A-Day” challenge. Every day (and I mean everyday, gulp!) I’m going to post something creative, whatever that may be – a thought, a poem, an observation, a song, a little daydream on life. I know that this may not sound very challenging, but finding a slice of time to do anything other than keep two little people alive and happy, is a momentous task. And putting it out there in black-and-white, will keep me accountable to the challenge I’ve set for myself.

And since there’s no time like the present, let’s begin today
Right now
While there’s light in our eyes and breath in our lungs.

I’m taking the challenge.
And I hope you will too.


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