A Creative Conundrum

August 30, 2017

So it seems that I’ve come across a bit of a creative conundrum… Creativity needs two things – time and space. Come again? Well, creativity needs time – you need to constantly plug at it, practice it and put it into play. And creativity needs space – it needs a place to breathe and grow and develop. “Time” demands that you get your hands in there. “Space” needs you to take them off and let go.

So therein lies my creative dilemma…

Imagine Aloud is all about stirring the creative pot… Doing something creative every day using our everyday lives as our inspiration. So yes, posting something everyday will take care of the “time” aspect – the more you create, the more you create – but it doesn’t help much for the “space” aspect. I believe that every creative piece needs a little breathing room too. And some creative projects need a lot of thinking in the recesses of the mind before they develop fully enough to see the light of day.

Creativity needs to be held in a delicate balance between pushing through creative blocks, pressing buttons and pulling in new directions, and – just – stepping – back and letting the work unfold.

And so I’ve made a big decision… I’m going to be working on something creative every day, but I’m not going to be posting something every day. I think this will be the happy creative place between time and space. It will keep the creativity flowing , but give everyone a chance to absorb and enjoy each post without being swamped. And give me time to develop those bigger ideas too.

Of course, I still want to inspire you to live creatively. I’d love you to sign up for the creative inspirations, prompts and challenges to get those creative cogs a-turning. We’re still in this to drive our creativity forward in the midst of our every day craziness, but minus the pressure of churning out something just because.

Your thoughts?

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  • Reply ed942015Sally-Ann September 14, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    I agree, jamming creativity in a box does not do the soul any good. It is good to have a deadline to a certain extent, otherwise you might not finish anything. But this blog is about enjoyment and creativity. I think its about getting your readers to ponder and imagine, and as for me, its working. XX

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